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Kentucky Tennessee Living is a non profit History, Education and Tourism website.

Currently we have a two person crew consisting of my wife Joanna and Myself.  We have diligently read thousands of newspaper articles, websites, books and company stock reports to bring you the information that we have found. That being said we try to verify any story or article with at least 2 resources however sometimes this is impossible due to the time period that some of the events took place.

We are not a “definitive” historical source, rather we think of ourselves as collectors gathering as much information as we can find on a subject we then try to present the evidence found with as little or our opinions as possible. We truly live in the age of information and as such, thousands of new articles, newspapers, books and photos are being posted each and every day we hope that our investigations will give someone clues and in turn aid them with their own research.

We hope that you enjoy our site and welcome any feedback as each story often contain breadcrumbs and clues that can lead to a wealth of information or in some cases provided additional questions when linked together with stories from other individuals such as yourself.

Thanks you so very much.

David & Joanna
Joanna & David Sergent

You can email us at admin@kytnliving.com or drop us a line at our facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/kytnliving

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