Photo taken by Joanna Adams Sergent

Jenkins World War II Wall


I am married to David Sergent and co chair of this site. We have had a wonderful time meeting people and discovering our history. I am thankful for each person who helps us with this major undertaking. To remember who we are as a people instead of what they say that we are.

Remembering Those Who Served

Written by Joanna Adams Sergent

When traveling through the town of Jenkins, Kentucky a beautiful wall stands.   On both sides there are the names of all those that served in World War II from the Jenkins, Dunham and Burdine area.  Many of the men who served our county with honor and distinction have passed on now.   However, Jenkins wanted to honor their service and memory of a time when they answered the call to serve.

Picture taken by Joanna Adams Sergent
Photo taken by Joanna Adams Sergent
Picture taken by Joanna Adams Sergent
Photo taken by Joanna Adams Sergent

As an added feature to the wall stands a flag pole.  What is special about the flag pole is that each of the four corners honors a branch of service.   The branches represented by the men and the flag are as follows:  U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps., U.S. Air Force, and the U.S. Army.

The Flag at the Jenkins Memorial Wall
Photo taken by Joanna Adams Sergent

We at Kentucky Tennessee Living would love to thank each man and woman for their service to our Armed Services and would like to continue to thank those that continue to serve to this day.   Thank you for our freedom, thank you for holding the wall while we sleep at night.  Thank you for the honor that you give to our Country.   ~~ Kentucky Tennessee Living.


  1. I wish there was a way to add people. My dad and his brothers who lived in Payne Gap served in WWII but their names are not on the wall. Luke Wright, Ben Wright, Dave Wright and I would have to look to see which other brothers

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