JenkinsKy 1925

Jenkins Kentucky…

JenkinsKy 1925Located in Letcher County on the Virginian border along US 23 is a sleepy little town called Jenkins Ky. At first glance Jenkins looks like any other coal camp town, however because of its history, topography and geology Jenkins is a very unique place for quite a few reasons that do not come readily to the eye. However the most unique thing about Jenkins KY is that in January 1910 it did not exist… Yet within 15 years it would go from a pasture with a few log houses to a Modern city of 10,000 people… This amazing story begins 133 years ago.

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Jenkins History

Jenkins History part 1 Civil War veteran Captain Richard Broas of New York was not a geologist he was an ...
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Jenkins History pt2

Jenkins History part 2 Captain Richard Broas of New York became involved with the search for minerals beginning with the ...
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Jenkins History pt3

Jenkins History part 3 January 1910… the Consolidation Coal Company is faced with a dilemma they had purchased options on ...
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Jenkins Ky

Jenkins History pt4

Jenkins History Part 4 Some of the first equipment to arrive were the saw mills and brick plants, along with ...
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