Flag Rock, Norton Va

Flag Rock Recreation Area


I am married to David Sergent and co chair of this site. We have had a wonderful time meeting people and discovering our history. I am thankful for each person who helps us with this major undertaking. To remember who we are as a people instead of what they say that we are.

The Flag Rock Recreation Area
“Norton’s Mountain Masterpiece”
Written by Joanna Adams Sergent

The first week of June 2016 I went to see the Flag Rock Recreation Area  in Norton, Virginia with my mother, Katie Adams.  It is located on Stony Mountain near Norton, Virginia.   At an elevation of  1,000 feet above the City’s elevation of 2,350 ft.  Flag Rock gives panoramic views of the City of Norton and the surrounding areas.  The Flag Rock can be reached by a  steep winding road was originally a wagon road that connected Norton to Dungannon, Virginia.

“Flag Rock” came from a German immigrant Karl Matuszczyk who planted an American Flag on this large outcropping rock in the 1920’s.  Flag Rock was dedicated in 1974 and opened on June 12 1976.   Now a Recreational Park, camping and picnic areas are available as well as rentals for shelters.   With over 25 acres to explore the area is a great weekend get away to visit.   Be sure to say hi to the newest resident of the Flag area park, the statute of Big Foot.   The statue was erected because sightings of the legendary animal have been recorded in the park.


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