Jenkins Ky

Jenkins History pt4

Jenkins History Part 4 Some of the first equipment to arrive were the saw mills and brick plants, along with 2 types of kilns, a dry kiln to cure the lumber and a lime kiln to help compact the soil at the construction sites as well as to make plaster and mortar for the buildings. […]


Jenkins History pt3

Jenkins History part 3 January 1910… the Consolidation Coal Company is faced with a dilemma they had purchased options on 100,000 acres of land… Land that according to four separate survey reports was the richest Coal field in the Nation… Land that, as far as transportation was concerned, was cut off from the rest of […]

Dave Zegeer Museum

David A Zegeer Coal-Railroad Museum

We would like to thank: The David A Zegeer Coal-Railroad Museum and Eileen Williams Sanders… Without your help none of our work on the History of Jenkins would have been possible. And to Debbie Tuggle for letting us use the brochure she designed for the museum. Situated just off US 23 on the KY VA border is […]

Raven Rock

Jenkins History

Jenkins History part 1 Civil War veteran Captain Richard Broas of New York was not a geologist he was an engineer by vocation and yet he would make the most significant geological find in the state of Kentucky’s History on the headwaters of the Elkhorn Creek of The Big Sandy River in a little place […]

Jenkins Ky

Jenkins Ky

A Brief History of Jenkins Ky. In the fall of 1909, the Consolidation Coal Company, (known as Consol), purchased one hundred thousand acres of coal lands in Letcher County, from the Northern Coal and Coke Company. Plans were made for the extension of the Lexington and Eastern Railroad, (later known as the L&N), from Jackson […]

David Zegeer

Interview with David Zegeer

Interview with Dave Zegeer, Division Superintendent, Beth-Elkhorn,  a subsidiary of Bethlehem Steel. Where were you born? Charleston, West Virginia, 1922. My parents were Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Zegeer. My dad died when I was four years old. I went to Charleston High School and West Virginia University at Morgantown, West Virginia. I came to Jenkins in […]

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