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Interview with Roy Fleming

Interview with Roy Fleming The Consolidation Coal Company bought the coal rights. B. F. Johnson, merchant, had a store in Long Fork in Pike County. The people of McRoberts went there to trade. He knew everyone in this section of the county. He was used as the contract man and Noel Gibson was the engineer who helped buy […]

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Interview with R. H. Wassum

Interview with R. H. Wassum My dad came to Norton after I was born in Norfolk. They brought me to Norton in 1900. I lived in Norton until I was 25. The summer after World War II, they transferred me down to Marshalls Branch and made a portal down there. It was getting so far for the […]

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Interview with Mrs. Maude Flint

Interview with Mrs. Maude Flint. When you moved to McRoberts to Tom Biggs, were people living in the houses on Band Mill Hill? Yes. The upper houses, they never built them until 1927. When you moved back the second time, did you move back to the house you lived in before? No, when we moved back […]

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Interview with Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Johnson

Interview with Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Johnson Mr. Johnson, when and how did you come to Jenkins? In 1911 — I came to Shelby Gap on the work train and walked on up here. What was the name of the railroad? The SV & E, Sandy Valley and Elkhorn. Did you start working in […]

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Interview with Lester Abel

Interview with Lester Abel. What did the people think when the company started selling the houses? There was different opinions, see the union was here at that time. Some of the head officials of the union thought the company was trying to put something on them. They advised the men not to buy the houses. The […]

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Interview with Jess Bates

Interview with Jess Bates When we asked Judge Bates where he was born, he told us he was born at Hindman, Kentucky. His father was Robert — “Old Man Bates.” They moved to Rock House when he was two months old below the Deane, Hendrix mines. His grandfather was one of the first settlers in this region. He […]

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Interview with George McCoy

Interview with George McCoy One night after I ate my supper, I got this call. I don’t know if some of them told me what I was supposed to do or where I was supposed to go, anyway, I trimmed the casket and called the barn and they sent the same driver that had been with me […]

David Zegeer

Interview with David Zegeer

Interview with Dave Zegeer, Division Superintendent, Beth-Elkhorn,  a subsidiary of Bethlehem Steel. Where were you born? Charleston, West Virginia, 1922. My parents were Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Zegeer. My dad died when I was four years old. I went to Charleston High School and West Virginia University at Morgantown, West Virginia. I came to Jenkins in […]

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