Photos taken by Joanna Sergent

Murdered Man Cemetery

The Murdered Man Cemetery A quiet Cemetery lies on top of Church House Hollow now known Forrest Hill.   But at one time in its history it was not so quiet.   After the events of May 14 1892, the Killing Rock Massacre took place, five people were laid to rest in this quiet place.   On August […]


Killing Rock a Place to Remember

The Killing Rock ~~ A Place to Remember Written by Joanna Adams Sergent A silent witness to a great tragic moment in history is a place forever known as the Killing Rock. Although it is not a single boulder but instead a pile of rocks placed together in a grouping, Killing rock is a beautiful […]

Doc Taylor

Doc Taylor man on the run

Doc Taylor, man on the run.   We are often led to believe, that Doc Taylor and the Fleming’s were the suspects from the moment the bodies were found, and that they had went into hiding immediately after the shooting. Yet this is simply not true, it would be nearly three weeks before they became the […]

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Interview with Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Johnson

Interview with Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Johnson Mr. Johnson, when and how did you come to Jenkins? In 1911 — I came to Shelby Gap on the work train and walked on up here. What was the name of the railroad? The SV & E, Sandy Valley and Elkhorn. Did you start working in […]

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Interview with George McCoy

Interview with George McCoy One night after I ate my supper, I got this call. I don’t know if some of them told me what I was supposed to do or where I was supposed to go, anyway, I trimmed the casket and called the barn and they sent the same driver that had been with me […]

Jenkins Ky

Jenkins Ky

A Brief History of Jenkins Ky. In the fall of 1909, the Consolidation Coal Company, (known as Consol), purchased one hundred thousand acres of coal lands in Letcher County, from the Northern Coal and Coke Company. Plans were made for the extension of the Lexington and Eastern Railroad, (later known as the L&N), from Jackson […]

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