Murdered Man Cemetery

Photos taken by Joanna Sergent

The Murdered Man Cemetery

Photos taken by Joanna Sergent
Photos taken by Joanna Sergent

A quiet Cemetery lies on top of Church House Hollow now known Forrest Hill.   But at one time in its history it was not so quiet.   After the events of May 14 1892, the Killing Rock Massacre took place, five people were laid to rest in this quiet place.   On August 22, 1892, someone used dynamite to destroy the graves of the five people who were laid to rest there.

My mother, Katie Adams, my husband, David W. Sergent and I went to Murdered Man Cemetery with camera in hand.   Traveling from Jenkins, Kentucky on Route 805 toward Burdine, Ky, turn right after you pass the old Dairy Bar and Car Wash onto Forrest Hill.  As you top Forrest Hill you will see some very nice houses up there.  Look for the one with a chained link fence with a gravel road beside of it.  There is no where to turn a car around so its best to walk from the main road back.   As you walk the road behind the fence go up the hill and though another fence you will find the cemetery.   Walk a short distance past the grave shelters and you will see five gravestones there for Ira Mullins, Wilson Mullins, Louranza Mullins, Greenberry Harris and John Chappel.  As you look in front of those gravestones you will also find Jane Mullins who on her tombstone is named as Jane Belcher and the wrong death date is on the tombstone (placing her date of death three Months before the Killing Rock Event) lying close to them.

The Five Tombstones of those who died at the Killing Rock…

  • 11011808_666012483531171_7598388388998169408_n.jpg
  • 11401328_666008326864920_1876906449745827482_n.jpg
  • 11401224_666011146864638_5991954548070662962_n.jpg
  • 11427867_666008593531560_5515758798357062482_n.jpg
  • 1898185_666008736864879_1056765549150883647_n.jpg
  • 11535671_666010870197999_26768675110491565_n.jpg


Pictures from the Graveyard.

  • 10374520_666021850196901_7659622842988616426_n.jpg
  • 11535841_666013913531028_6968194493196040021_n.jpg
  • 1974348_666021790196907_5950227833176182199_o.jpg
  • 1609869_666021753530244_1837702418603020135_n.jpg
  • 1795556_666014976864255_551798984159013557_n.jpg
  • 10422264_666019970197089_3163797982843523373_n.jpg
  • 11226197_666018583530561_6770944850374088371_n.jpg
  • 11403245_666018070197279_6342867370631267491_n.jpg
  • 11417665_666021656863587_1553066701679480540_n.jpg
  • 11427867_666018870197199_7870127639731765509_n.jpg


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  1. Love reading and seeing these great stories and pictures ! Even though I don’t live in Jenkins anymore it sure is great to get to see anything be it old or new from where I call home. Thank you both so much!!!!

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