The First Adams Cemetery

The First Adams Cemetery in Letcher County, Kentucky

Written by Joanna Adams Sergent

Walking through a cemetery is a walk into the past.   You find people who walked upon this Earth that lived and died and some had a major part to play in history.   You will also find many relatives and friends of those relatives that complete stories told from long ago.

One of the oldest Cemeteries in Letcher County is located off of Kentucky Highway 119 in Mayking, Kentucky.  Located by the Mayking LKLP Head Start Building, the Cemetery there holds one of the oldest graves in Letcher County.   Known as “John of All” and the first Adams in Letcher County, my Great Great Great Great Grandfather John Adams who died in 1815 is buried there.

Also of interest is a grave stone that was placed there by, then President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt for the honored service of Fred L. Arthur Jr.   Fred L. Arthur Jr. was also a purple heart recipient during WWII as shown on his grave marker.

Also there rests many soldiers from the Civil War era.  One of my Great Great Uncles, Henry Adams (one of the men who was accused and indited but never convicted of the Killing Rock Massacre) is also buried there.  William G. “Billy Grit” Adams is also buried there.


3 thoughts on “The First Adams Cemetery

  1. This is one of my distant relatives. My grandfather was John Adams and my name is Johnny Adams. I lived just down the hill within sight of this grave. I have traced our ancestors back to Wilkes County, North Carolina.

  2. This is all so beautiful. My entire family is buried there. Mom was an Adams, Dad was a Webb, they are buried in the Mayking Cemetery as well. I grew up in the head of a ‘holler’ just about a mile from the cemetery and went to school in the Mayking School Building that now houses the Head Start.

    My Dad owned the Appalachian Marble and Granite Shop in Mayking and for years he researched many graves that had no markers, only stones to mark their graves. He and my brother finally identified many of those old graves and Dad made new markers for those they knew for sure. Every time I travel to SE KY and to my old home place, I visit that cemetery and every one of my relatives there.

    It’s beautiful to see the familiar gravestones.

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